Kalevala Dry Distilled Gin

Crispy juniper aroma in very smooth taste. This is Kalevala Dry Distilled Gin. Palate is little sweet, hint of blackcurrant aroma. Taste is strong but very enjoyable.

”To celebrate 100 years finnish independence Kalevala Gin created a Dry Distilled Gin, the ”gindependence” edition. the recipe is based on their original Kalevala gin, supplemented by blackcurrant leaf and Jerusalem artichoke.”

At 49,9% ABV (99,8 Proof) we are, like finland, almost at 100…

Kalevala Gin Negroni

In Negroni drink distilled version works very well.

The original Kalevala Gin, an ode to juniper. Whereas contemporary gin is booming in its many variations, their distilled gin is true to traditions and has a full juniper taste. Gin as it should be.

At 46,3% abv the taste characteristics of this gin unfold perfectly.

ParkTonic Infused tonics

ParkTonic Infused Tonics 

Park Tonic is premium class Infused tonic water serie from Estonia.

Park Tonic

Park Tonic design remembers us Art Deco era, these bottles suits nicely in jazz restaurant and high class coctail bar.

Park Tonic

Here you can find drinks which i have tested and find delicious:

Tonic Water Classic

Classic dry and fresh taste, rosemary gives lovely taste in background.

Korpimaan VT

4cl Korpimaan Kyynel Vodka

8cl Park Tonic Classic Tonic

Thyme and Red grape slice for garnishing

”Maku on kuivan hapokas ja rosmariini tuo miellyttävän makuelämyksen taustalle”


Herbal tonic have tasty herbal aroma.

Korpimaan Kerkkä

4cl Korpimaan Kyynel Vodka

8cl Park Tonic Herbal Tonic

Fresh spruce for garnishing


”Kevyt ja hapokas.  Maku on  tasapainoisen yrttinen”



Park Tonic Mango&Chili

4cl GinMare gin

8cl Park Tonic Mango&Chili tonic

Basil leaf for garnishing


”Mangon miellyttävä pehmeys yhdistetty chilin mietoon tulisuuteen”


Park Tonic Rhubarb

5cl Aperol

8cl Park Tonic Rhubarb Tonic

Strawberry slices for garnishing


”Herkullisen hapokas tonic”


You can find Park Tonic products from Estonia  and we hope that soon in Finland too!

Park Tonic